I'm Henri Campeã, a Brazilian visual artist specializing in illustration and 2D frame-by-frame animation. I currently reside in the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil. I'm a queer non-binary person and you can use any pronouns. 
My artistic designs are a mix of vibrant colors, quirky humor, magic, and surrealism. I excel at turning abstract concepts into unique imagery. In my opinion, illustration and animation are incredibly powerful mediums for conveying complex emotions and ideas in a boundless, unique way. 
The visual language of things fascinates me - I love exploring how combining different images can completely alter their meaning or create a whole new narrative. As an illustrator, I relish the opportunity to see things with a fresh set of eyes.  
Challenging projects that require me to work with a variety of mediums and subjects are my favorite. I strive to authentically portray my clients' needs in my work.  
Throughout my career, I have collaborated with clients including Apple, The New York Times, Quartz, Snapchat, GIPHY, The Washington Post, Coca-Cola, Financial Times, Figma, Meta, and WGSN.  
If you're interested in learning more about my work, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

US representation by Totally Reps

UK and Europe representation by B&A

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